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    I have some missing photos which cannot be located on my computer after following the adobe help guides. I think therefore that they are just 'preview' copies - and I am wondering if there is any way that I can make them a permanent part of my collection


      I have an iMac with LRoom 4 loaded - and a Canon camera.

      I imported some photos into a folder called DCIM, which came up as my source when I put my SD card into my card reader. I unfortunately didn't set up a collection for these photos and logged out of my computer. Later on, I imported some more photos, which may also have been imported under the same DCIM source. When I came to put the original photos into a 'collection' - they came up with the message to say that they were missing or offline - so I followed procedures to locate them on my computer.  I followed all official help - and also got an apple regular to help me try locate them.They are definitely not there ANYWHERE on my computer !

      I am wondering whether the 'missing photos' that I can view are actually only a preview - and don't exist at all as proper RAW files. Possibly caused by my import of a second lot of photos into another folder named DCIM - which have somehow overwritten my existing ones, thus causing them to go missing  ?!

      Has anyone had this issue - or does anyone know of a way to restore a proper set of  RAW files on my computer/ in LRoom ? Or have I lost any chance of recovery ?  As it stands, it looks like I am only able to view my photos ( even though they are missing) but cannot do anything else with them.

      I am new to LRoom- hence my naivety as regards this issue. I would be very grateful for any help you could give me.

      Many thanks