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    Does GPU acceleration work on Surface Pro 3


      I have a Surface Pro 3 and am getting the occasional blue screen with an X across it when editing a photo.  I have a Surface Pro 3 with an Intel HD 5000 graphics card.  When I check the website - Microsoft says I am on the current version.  When I check with intel web site and forums, they don't advise updating because of customizations done to the driver by Microsoft.


      If I reduce the size of the photo - then I can sometimes get it to work after I see the blue screen.  Other times it just works great.


      I'd say in general I am seeing some lagging as well.


      Any input on success with the Surface Pro 3 and the new version of Lightroom is much appreciated.  I know the demos I saw of it with LR and PS made me excited to see this version.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I suggest that you disable GPU acceleration and compare performance. Then you can decide for yourself if it's worth it.

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            Brown19 Level 1

            When it is working -- it does appear to work better than without.


            I can certainly turn it off and make it work -- until it decides to give me a blue screen on my photo.  However, GIven one of of the key improvements with Lightroom CC was the GPU acceleration and Adobe and Microsoft were promoting Surface Pro 3 and Photoshop/Lightroom as a great match -- I thought it should work. 


            So my question -- If that is all true -- why does it sometimes stops working.  Is there a driver issue?  Does it really not work with the Surface Pro 3?  Is there some upcoming update? I find that hard to believe given the publicity the put around showing off the Surface Pro 3 with Photoshop not too long ago that they would come out with something that did not work.  So - makes me think there is some update out there -- or I have a computer issue.