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    Need to check specs for Premiere CS6


      I'm building my first computer and I need it primarily for Premiere CS6. Can someone take a look at the specs here and let me know if they think it would be okay?  Thanks!


      Intel Core i7-4790K, MSI GeForce GTX 970, Corsair 200R - System Build - PCPartPicker

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          this should be moved here Hardware Forum


          that build is the minimum recommended, aka a budget build.

          the i7-4790k is a good chip.

          you may want to look for a motherboard with usb 3.1, for furture-proofing. Newegg Search: ASUS, 1 x M.2, 2 x USB 3.1, LGA 1150

          for the ssd, the 840's have been updated to the improved 850's. the 256gb 850 pro version is a bit more, but is faster and lasts alot longer.

          are you planning on using mbd raid for the two 1tb wd's?

          that seagate 3tb hdd has a reported extremely high failure rate, so find another model or mfg.

          the gtx 970 is good value, asus and gigabyte brands are recommended for higher quality. asus strix is getting good reviews.

          depending on the programs you will be using, the gtx 960 may be ok for tight budget.

          for cases, there are some nice silent cases, but they cost over $100. if you want to look at other cases, fractal design and phanteks are good too.

          that psu is close to minimum watts, it may be fine, but might be able to find a 750 watt around that same price.

          shouldn't need the sound card unless doing audio mixing, and if you are you should find an external dac for clean audio.