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    Bobs your uncle

      Hello everyone,


      As I am need of your help please.


      Systems : Dell Precision M6800's X 2


      Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

      OS = SSD

      32GB Ram

      Nvidia Quadro K4100M



      I have created an Apple Fruit.  Used Lathe tool in Cinema 4D Lite.

      It has turned out to my liking however after using Boole Tool (used a cube and modified its size by making very thin like a knife) to cut slices ( about 7) into the side of the Apple as per illustrated logo the slices into the object allowed me to notice that the apple is hollow.


      This not what I was expecting and is detrimental to what I am going for. The slices into the Apple are actually black in the illustration. Mine are model Grey.


      Yes I am very new to Cinema 4D but learning quickly. Is it not possible to have a SOLID Apple or any other using Lathe tool?


      I haven't got the talent to take a Cube and make it into an apple.


      Any help or direction would really be appreciated.


      Many thanks to those for past help and to future guidance.


      Best regards,