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    Beginner trouble dynamically loading images in Edge Animate.

    Mr. Kincaid

      I've been following a lynda.com tutorial in an attempt to generate a slide show for a web page. Much of the lesson went well, I was able to follow transcribing the code for the btnNext and btnBack buttons that is supposed to dynamically load the images when there were only two images. As soon as the lesson moved to dynamically loading more (unlimited) images I began to get an error message saying that the path to my images is not valid, the folder doesn't exist. I'm at my wit's end because having double checked the code it was absolutely accurate, and my images have not moved on my hard drive. When I control click on the images in the library and show in finder they are also still all there. Now when I preview the project in a browser the imageCount proceeds but only the first image loads. (and the error message that the image path is invalid has stopped)capture01.jpg