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    Removal of highlighter colours! [iOS]


      Why has Adobe Reader on the iPhone 6 changed so that there are only 3 colours available for the highlighter? There used to be 8 colours like on the iPad version of the app. I'm very disappointed with this because I use the app to highlight my university text books. :-(

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          Acrobat/Reader for iOS displays different Color options depending on a device type: the color palette with 10 colors for iPad and the context menu with 3 colors for iPhone.  This has not changed in the past several years.


          Older iPhones had limited screen estate. Now that the screen resolutions of new iPhones (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus) are much higher, it would make sense to have the same/similar Color options for iPhones as well.


          Please submit a feature request, if you'd like.


          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Thank you.