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    12-month prepaid card activated in April has gone missing


      I'm trying a post and hoping for the best, as I've now twice being told in chat support that my issue needs to be "elevated" and that I'll be contacted within a few days (nope).


      I covered Creative Cloud 2014-2015 with a prepaid membership. I did the same for 2015-2016 in April, and I received a confirmation email from Adobe stating that the activation had been successful.


      For whatever reason, my membership shows as expired and the transaction (which did appear when I first contacted Adobe support) on my Order History page is now gone. I am able to use CC programs I install on a trial basis.


      I need this stuff for work and school, and this is a little disconcerting. Does this issue sound familiar to anyone? How can I get help? The level of support that I'm getting from Adobe is, so far, appalling.