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    Is there a way to buy Lightroom with perpetual licence and with student discount?


      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to photographing and I was planning to buy/try Lightroom for editing my photos. Now, what I'm interested in is having a software with a perpetual licence. I haven't seen any options like that on the website. I have checked this thread: Just curious ... how to buy the Lightroom Perpetual License on Adobe's new web site, and I indeed find an option to buy Lightroom, but
      1) it does not state what kind of licence it is coming with;
      2) I haven't seen any options for getting student discounts, which is an option once buying it with a one-year licence or for a monthly subscription.


      If there is indeed an option to get the software with a perpetual licence, well, apparently Adobe is not really fond of this option.
      So does any of you know whether it is possible what I'm aiming for? I'd also be cool with having an older version of Lightroom, not necessarily the newest one - especially if it's cheaper.