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    Go to label on separate edge "page" from a trigger action on timeline.


      Hello, I've got a menu page set up that has a transitions before going to the desired page. The idea of my project is to have everything appear seamless between pages. So what happens is:

      1) Click on desired menu option

      2) Menu will animate the transition to match the look of how the subsequent page will begin.

      3) Timeline stops at an action trigger that goes to new page


      My issue is that I need the trigger action to go to a label on the chosen page in order to keep the transition from page to page "seamless".  Is this possible?


      Right now I've just got the trigger action as: window.open("http://desiredpage", "_self");

      Essentially what I'm asking is if I can link to a certain point (label) from outside of the page that contains the label.

      I'd appreciate it also if you could tell me if you know this is NOT possible.

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          Allison@HavasLynx Level 1


          I'm an Edge noob myself but I will try to help if I can - and if you still need help - I see your post is from last week.

          First of all it is possible to go to a particular label but I need a bit more info.


          My project is built entirely in Edge, I have a main interface and it loads my other pages (or 'comps') into the main one rather than loading a whole new comp in the browser.

          If you are combining Edge with something else like Reflow or a static site built in, say, Dreamweaver I'm afraid I won't be able to help you cos that's different to what I'm doing right now.


          So, you could have the main menu and home page as your main interface and load the other pages as comps into the main interface. If you come from a Flash background this way of working will probably be familiar.

          Here is an article which explains how to do this:

          Composition Loader Feature (Edge Commons) | EdgeDocks.com

          It's a free script that you can download and use. Basically you put a symbol containing an empty div on your main comp and you load your pages into that.


          I don't know what your transitions are, but if it was a simple fade-out/fade-in effect your pages would be set to autoplay on their main Stage - and everything fades in, with a sym.stop() action when everything is visible.

          Then when you click the menu item in the main comp, it fades out the content for the home page, then loads in the comp you need, which is set to fade in.

          Then when you click another menu item, you could traget the loaded page to playReverse (which should make it fade out again) and load in the selected page into your empty div, replacing the previous one.


          Does this sound like what you are trying to do?


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            Houch12 Level 1

            Thank you very much for the reply. I'm not sure if that will work for me or not but I'll certainly look into it and give it a try if I find the time.  Thanks again!