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    Server busy error

    pickled herring

      Every time I launch LR6 I get the error below. Selecting "Switch To..." just opens the Windows Start menu. I've tried selecting Adobe CC or LR6 from the menu, but neither makes a difference. Selecting Retry closes the dialog for a a few seconds, after which it returns. If I select Retry again, the application locks up. I cannot get past this. I have tried the troubleshooting steps here with no effect: Lightroom doesn't launch or closes automatically after splash screen


      In searching around the net I have seen instances where people have reported this error for LR and other Adobe products from as far back as 2008. Why is there no fix for this?? This has been ENORMOUSLY frustrating - I bought LR6 as soon as it came out (upgrading from LR4.4) it has so far been completely unusable.


      Can anybody help?



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          dearnold Level 1

          pickled herring, Did the solution mentioned above work for you? Curious because it only works for a few users and for some only temporarily.

          I have the same problem as you described -- no fix from Adobe as of this morning.

          Dell says my machine should run this with no problem; they have spent hours troubleshooting and can't fix it. Microsoft similarly has been unable to help.

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            pickled herring Level 1

            No - I had tried that solution prior to my post and it didn't seem to work for me.


            However, in that same ironic way that your tap stops dripping the instant the plumber arrives, LR6 suddenly started working yesterday (no more Server busy error!). I have no idea why, but here are a few possibilities:

            1. I replaced the external drive that I use to back up my pictures (someone in the thread linked to by andrewfreeman mentioned this)

            2. I installed a bunch of Windows updates (about 2 months' worth)

            3. The Lightroom Mobile trial that came with LR6 expired (It only showed as expired after the restart for the Windows updates)


            Wish I could tell you what actually happened.

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              dearnold Level 1

              fingers crossed for you that the problem is gone for good!!


              I've unplugged an external hard drive (that is working fine) just so that LR doesn't go looking for it. Had been using it for a second copy location on import. Hasn't made any difference with it unplugged.

              My windows 7 has been re-installed - so it's a fresh installation with all updates and there are almost no other programs installed yet - just Adobe CC desktop, LR CC, PS CC, Acrobat DC, and a couple of utilities. PITA to work on my laptop for other things but right now want to keep this one skinnied down.


              Still waiting on Adobe level 2 team to respond - 72 hours!!