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    Problems with Text Flow InDeisgn CS3



      I have several pages that have 5 columns of text. The text has been copied and pasted from Word 14.3.9. The first 3 pages of 5 column text flow fine. When I try to flow the text to the 4th page I get one paragraph of text and an overset text symbol at the bottom of the text frame. If I change the same text frame/box to 3 or 4 columns the text flows fine. So the text IS IN THERE. But I can't figure why it suddenly doesn't like 5 columns. I've tried deleting and adding pages, over riding master pages item, copying text frames that have accpeted the 5 column format. Nothing works.


      Thanks to anyone who can solve this problem!



      PS: Now it won't even do a 4 column format, grrrr