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    A really weird text formatting issue


      I've been trying to fix a really weird text issue in a new InDesign document.


      Behaviour: When I hit the ENTER key at the end of a line, it gives me a page break behaviour instead of a new line. All of the following text is brought to the next page.


      Setup: I created a bunch of text boxes (simple manuscript, wall of text, no images), linked them across pages and activated text flow. Then I placed the text in via the Place command. this is from a *.doc file and I checked, the text within it behaves correctly. I turned on "show hidden characters" and all it shows are end of paragraphs. Even the spot where I get the weird page break, it shows only end of paragraph. I tried playing with character styles, paragraph styles, eyedropper formatting tool... nothing works. this problem shows up in several chapter headers across the document, but not all of them.


      I've been at it for hours and have exhausted all possibilities I could think of. Really need some help.