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    Custom Vid Player auto Visible Btns over top

    a_little_ant Level 1
      The Media Playback component for eg. has an auto feature so the controls appear only when the user mouses over the movie.

      I've made a custom player for Flash 7 (using just the Library Panel - New Video option (actionscript controlled) tv_mc

      I've made some buttons that will appear OVER THE TOP of the movie in a movieclip called panel_mc

      I only want the buttons ( panel_mc) to appear when the user mouses over the video ( tv_mc)

      Can anyone point me to any tutorials about this please.

      The complication being that the video is below the buttons (on a layer underneath) and rolling over that will allow the buttons to show over the movie. Then I need the buttons to be rolled Over and then have these buttons disapear when the mouse leaves the (larger) video beneath.

      To see almost the exact specs of my situation - please go to http://www.gotoandlearn.com and watch just a few seconds into the Video Basics - Part 6 movie. My player and buttons are the same pretty much.

      Thanks if you can help. I've searched for nested movieclips, nested buttons etc etc. Happy New Year by the way.. :)