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    Please make Audition a totally non-destructive editing program

    jjloomis Level 1

      Hello. I have an idea for Adobe Audition: Please make it a totally non-destructive editing program.


      When working in the Waveform editor, Adobe Audition users are destructively editing their original audio files. If a user selects part of an audio file in the Waveform editor and then deletes it--it's removed from their original WAV, AIFF, MP3, etc. file.


      This is a problem if a user selects audio in the Waveform editor, right-clicks, and then selects "Insert into Multitrack." If a user starts to work with that inserted audio in the Waveform editor later on in the project, terrible can things happen. If part of it gets deleted, all other sound bites that were added to the multitrack project (from that same original audio file) using Waveform editor > select audio > right-click > "Insert into Multitrack" wind up messed up in the Multitrack project.

      Why not just have Audio Audition work like an audio version of Adobe Premiere? When you make changes to a video clip in Premiere, it doesn't actually alter the original MOV, MP4, etc. file. If Audition users have to get onboard with using some sort of scratch disc setup to make this happen, I think they'll be all for it if they don't have to worry about destroying their original audio files whenever they work on a project.

      I just don't see a benefit to the destructive editing aspect of Adobe Audition. If someone needs to edit a WAV file, for example, and then create an edited version that hasn't lost any quality, why not just have an "Export Uncompressed" option that exports an uncompressed (but nevertheless edited) version in the original audio format?