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    collecting and submitting info when click buttons

      OK, what I have is a flash module where people go through and click options to have something customized and built visually in front of them. I have that part going fine and it works/looks great.

      Now, what I need to have going on in the background is that every time they select an option, it stores the code for that option in some sort of hidden text field. There will be four choices they go through, so it should be selecting the options, comma deliminated, and holding them there as the user goes through.

      At the end, when they click submit, I need to have it take all that info and send it on with a javascript function. I need to know how to have it collect and hold the info along the way, then at the end send that JavaScript function with it in there (I have the function ready)

      The JavaScript function will be like this, where "a" "b" "c" etc is the data we've collected on the way throughout the module:
      JavaScript:SubmitCustom(a, b, c, d);

      How do I get it to do that??? Your help will be GREATLY appreciated!