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    Individual pages

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      I know I probably have a lot of ID learning to do, but i'm astonished at the lack of seemingly simple features that take massive workarounds, and i'm writing multiple feature requests already, especially coming from Illustrator which has quite a few workflows that made designing in some ways much easier.


      seems like there are things that take extra steps when they could be one step processes.

      if anyone has tips on these items below i'm all ears, or perhaps you'd join me in a feature request?


      1) selecting a layer, and using eye dropper tool to immediately change the item's main color/stroke/gradient/font style

      2) simple color picker, more visible and immediate, especially in the gradient chooser. why am i encouraged to use swatches?  it's an extra step that feels irrelevant  a lot of times.


      3) Page names!!  these should be more like artboards, in AI.   you start having more than 3 pages and it would be nice to put names/notes in the pages panel.

      4) Export Single or /page range!!  i find it quite unbelievable that this isn't an option yet.    again, in AI, it's easy to export a page, or range of pages as separate documents.    people talk about using acrobat to pull them apart.  again, extra steps, not logical. would seem simple enough to give the option.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. USe styles, eyedroper works also, but I would not recommend it.
          2. PRoblem is, that Ai user should use more global swatches an in ID more styles.
          3. AI does not know pages. ID concept is different as it uses masters.
          4. You can export any range you want to PDF? More possibilties via scrpting.