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    Adobe Extend Script Tool Kit CC

    MaDPROpHeT Level 1

      Are there any beginners tutorials or online courses on Adobe Extend Script Tool Kit CC! I've searched and I found Lynda.com, the problem is, it's old and outdated and the PDF guides are confusing. I would love to study and learn more about how to use the coding functions in Adobe Extend Script Tool Kit CC! Please help!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          There is a scripting Forum Photoshop Scripting unfortunately Paul does not visit there any more, X is also not doing much there either these days. They are upset that Adobe does not fix bugs the report in Photoshop scripting.  Mike has passed away.    I also find the Adobe chooses not to fix some reported bugs.  You need tle learn to work around bugs.


          Adobe has downloads for Photoshop scripting manuals,examples, the scriptlintener plug-in and the toolkit. Photoshop Scripting .  Adobe DOM does not cover much of Photoshop Features,  You need to use the Scriptlintener and Action Manager code  along with Adobe DOM methods.  Action Manager code works but is not very readable.


          There are few books on Photoshop scripting in Amazon.  There are a few online tutorials on Photoshop scripting.


          You will find the scripting forum is one of the better resources you have for scripting Photoshop.

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            Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm moving this to the scripting forum.


            On top of what JJMack said, the best way is to just do simple things. Download the Extendscript tool kit, and the SDK for javascript. I admit that the SDK is confusing and I'm not really sure if things mentioned in it work. I would just use javascript, as it's cross platform, and there are more people who know it and can help you. Look at the script files that come with PS and try to make out how some of the simple ones work. There are a few books, but they are old and need updating. Get a good book on javascript. While most all the books are geared for the web, they are good references on how things work and can sometimes be applied to extendscript. It is a huge loss for us all with Mike Hale's passing. His site ps-scripts.com was the go to place for help. As JJMack also mentioned, great scripters like Paul Riggott have stopped being involved with the scripting community. X does help occasionally here, despite him being upset at all the bugs Adobe was not fixing. To repeat, just start out slow, ask questions here on the forums, but don't expect us to write everything for you. We're more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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              MaDPROpHeT Level 1

              Sorry to hear about Mike Hale's passing. JJ Mack, thank you for your reply and time.

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                MaDPROpHeT Level 1

                Thanks for the reply Chuck. I do have the Script Listener and have played around with it a bit, I was just hoping there was a course on the ExtendScript Tool Kit... I can find no guides what so ever for this application. I also want to thank you for your time and will take your advice learning more Javascript to get an idea of how it all comes together. Thank you for all your input.

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                  Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  For the ESTK you want to get the javascript tools guide. This SDK explains that application and some features to scripting that are common with all script-able Adobe apps.


                  ExtendScript Toolkit Archives | Adobe Developer Connection

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