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    can't seem to get the software I paid for with hard earned cash to activate Lightroom 6


      "- The Request Code is machine-specific and valid for 72 hours. If it takes longer than 72 hours to complete this process, simply generate a new Request Code."


      It would be really nice if they actually told you how you go about generating this new Request code. Esp. since I didn't see one the first time.

      Ah, for the days when all you had to do is insert a floppy disk and load the software.  Even just entering the activation code was better then going thru this crap.
      I feel like I;'m being robbed since I didn't purchase a mini frisbee.
      So anyone in the know, just how do you go about generating a new request code?


      This is for Lightroom 6 on windows 7 pro



      Mostly so I don't hang up the chat every day for the next seven days.