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    flash paper not working

      i haven't been able to get FlashPaper to work at all. No matter whether i try to use flashpaper or pdf conversion features, the process seems to hang and never finishes. Very disappointed at the moment.

      Any advice is welcome...

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          I am having the same problem. I was really hoping to find some answers when I saw your post. I contacted Adobe by phone and they had no idea what was going on either. The gentleman I spoke to explained that he would need some time to reasearch what was going on and then call me back with a solution. He did call back a day later and tell me that he would email me the steps that would solve my problem. Two to three weeks later I still have not received that email. I hate dealing with customer service and have put off calling them back. I guess I am going to have to call again and if I find the solution I will share it with you. I am a bit releived to find that I am not the only one having this problem. I thought it was because I got a new computer and had transfer everything. Was your FlashPaper included with the Studio 8 package? Mine was.
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            Same problem for me - I found the solution - I think it was something to do with the printer settings - it was very simple and not at all complicated like some suggestions/fixes I've seen. I say 'think' because I've had a new harddrive since then and lost whatever it was I did. I'm posting this in the hope that someone will see it and will job their memory. It really was a simple setting change and it worked perfectly. I'm faced with the same problem all over again.
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              I do have the same problem as well. I also checked that the port is set to "FlashPaperPrinterPort" in the printer properties. But this didnt solve my problem.
              My FlashPaper came with Studio8 as well.
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                We also have the same problem. FlashPaper2 hangs on the "converting" dialog box, it is nearly unresponsive when creating a .PDF from MS Word. We end up "ending task" on it.

                I've tried adobe updates, MS updates, and couldn't find any flashpaper updates. Is this being ignored? I've not had the best service with Macromedia/Adobe support.

                Ours was part of a Studio 8 bundle.
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                  Yes same problem for me too ... but only on my laptop. I have the same Studio 8 software installed on my main PC and this works fine and is very quick. I have been through and checked all settings are the same between the PC and laptop and they are but still no joy. Very odd.

                  Either get the hang from within word or using right click and convert, or when i try a test 'print' the print job just fails.

                  Feel like I have tried everything but customer support. Thats tomorrows job!
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                    miss-n-me Level 1
                    A solution!!!!!!!!!

                    Here are the steps to follow to get FlashPaper 2 working again if you are having the same problem I was.

                    The solution is to re-install FlashPaper from the Command Prompt:

                    On Windows, go to: Start > Run.
                    Type cmd and click ok to invoke the Command Prompt.
                    Type cd C:\program files\macromedia\FlashPaper 2\i386, click Enter.
                    Type ..\fpdriversetup.exe –ui, click Enter.

                    This will run the old driver install executable. It's very important to be in the i386 folder, and run the exe which is in the parent folder by preceding the command with ..\ as shown above.
                    Type exit to exit the Command Prompt.

                    I contacted Adobe and was suppose to be emailed again. I received a link to the case I filed but there was nothing attached. Adobe's customer service failed me yet again! I tried replying to their email but it got sent back. So I looked around on the site and found these steps. I followed them and my FlashPaper 2 is now working. I am so ecstatic right now. The link below should take you to these same steps within the Adobe website. I hope this solves all of your problems as well!

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                      Now I'm having the exact same prob, I have just reinstalled windows due to some stupid corruption and now flash paper just hangs when trying to convert any document. I am using the bundled copy I got with Studio 8. I had this problem on my laptop so I only used my desktop to convert and used to work fine

                      Have tried the fix above but to no use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and every update I could think of.

                      This is starting to be a real problem know as it is really hindering the updating of the website I manage,
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                        I had the problem, but reinstalling from the command prompt worked for me!
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                          JeremySeda Level 1
                          Reinstalling from the command prompt worked for me as well.
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                            it didn't work for me first, but then I did as follow:

                            closed all possible programs with the ctrl+alt+ del command
                            reinstalled the the driver as suggested in the post above
                            restarted windows
                            reintalled the driver again.

                            not sure which of the steps worked, but after this I was able to print everything into pdf and flashpaper without any hang-ups!

                            good luck and thanks for the hits!
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                              I got the same problem of Flash paper after installed the Studio 8 and thanks a lot to "miss-n-me". The steps described in the link work for me.

                              Thanks again.