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    How do you manage network projects?

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      Okay, I know Adobe doesn't officially support network shares or recommend working off network drives. Accepted, acknowledge, a little baffled by how they maintain this position in the modern workplace but anyway, their bat and ball, their rules.


      But here in reality many projects, workflows and facilities demand a shared storage infrastructure. So how are people dealing with the quirks of working on NAS's and the like with Premiere? Are there any mount protocols people prefer over others? Storage solutions or enterprise options that mitigate the file share issues? Utilities that work around problems? Ways of setting up projects to minimise the grief?


      At our facility we work off a 12 bay Synology NAS, soon to be upgraded to a 24 bay 10GbE NAS. We work longform in an environment where at any moment any of our editors may have to jump on to projects multiple terabytes in size. Local storage just isn't an option - we'd spend half our day shuttling files around, relinking Premiere and AE projects, and rebuilding spilt projects. It works largely pretty well with some tinkering. Projects, rushes, exports, assets and renders are stored within contained job folders on our NAS, conforms and autosaves are stored on our local machines. That makes sharing and automated backups a breeze.


      We initially mounted the NAS to our Mac workstations via AFP. That was great - fast and responsive - but as of about 4 months ago something broke. I blame Yosemite. Now the smallest adjustment to an edit, a shift of the playhead or a scroll down the edit will cause the thumbnails to refresh. The issue happens when working off shared and local projects and happens CONSTANTLY to the point where editing was untenable, so I scratched AFP and turned to SMB.


      SMB is now our default. The speeds are slightly slower than AFP - about 5 - 10% from my tests - but Premiere is stable. The unfortunate side effect of SMB has been file permission issues for our InDesign users. From time to time they'll be locked out of NAS directories they had been working on. I've read reports of Photoshop users being hit hard by it as well. To solve I login to a PC or the Diskstation and reset the folder permissions. I think a lot of Adobe users have been experiencing this issue with SMB connections. It's the lesser of two evils though.


      Apparently switching down to SMB1 has solved the issue for some users, but I'm not prepared to take the massive performance hit in our throughput.


      I'd love to hear how users at other facilities manage working off network drives. I know I'm not alone out there!