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    Watch Folder

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      In design version: desktop version


      I have an Indesign script, can anybody help me how to create a watched folder for this automation .


      I will be dropping a file .indd to watched folder then it will process using the script I created.

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          Vamitul Level 4

          Using indesign desktop like that would violate Adobe's EULA.

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            Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

            In AppleScript you can use this approach.

            In Visual Basic you can use the Timer object.

            In JavaScript you can use InDesign's idleTask or Bridge's schedule task.

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              Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



              For having deeply investigated this concern with Adobe and Enfocus, I have been told that the main idea is that the people initiating the action has to be licenced. For example if you have a nine person company and ten indesign client licences (the 10th is the one used as server), then you can have a hotfolder and any of the nine folks allowed to use the 10th indesign client in a "server" mode (for ex indd to PDF). The true violation is when the indesign client is used in server mode by some non licensed user. I wish there was an official statement but it's all I had from those companies.


              So to get back to our friend, if he is the licenced guy using its own licence in a server mode, it's not really a EULA violation. Also depending on the user InDesign version, you can add a Flash Timer to be used either in Flex Based extension or in a ScriptUI/SWF script. There is likely something similar in the HTML5 based extensions new framework.


              You could also envision Automator or if you ever need even more automation, drop an eye into Enfocus Switch.