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    Import failure to LR multiple sources


      Can no longer import to LR 5.7 om my mac - either from card,  or from same images import to folder on the HD  (without problem and viewable)

      It seems that LR has stopped being able to read the image files

      I CAN import to my macbook pro (same LR)

      I can import to to the HD on same iMac (and still not able to then import to LR)

      There has been no update to my LR

      makes no difference if the images are raw (CR2) or jpegs

      And I have tried more than 1 card

      There appear to be no obvious setup differences between the desktop and laptop in terms of LR preferences

      My camera raw version is 8.7


      ... and I have re-booted


      Thousands of images previously imported form card and HD without problem


      Very frustrated and grateful for advice on next move