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    "Internet connection required for subscriptions" behind a proxy




      I purchased a subscription for Adobe Presenter 10 on Windows 7 and I get the error "Internet connection required for subscriptions" while using it for the first time. The computer is behind a proxy. The proxy is configured. All other applications successfully connect to the Internet.




      I use two laptops. Both use Windows 7 x64. The first one is directly connected to the Internet from home. The second one uses a VPN and access the Internet through a proxy. I installed a trial version of Presenter 10 on both. It worked. The trial was correctly activated on both. This means that the second one, behind a proxy, successfully accessed the Internet at that time.


      Now the trial period is over. Being satisfied by Presenter 10 features, I purchased a monthly subscription. The first computer, directly connected to the Internet, successfully activated the subscription. The second one, behind a proxy, cannot activate it. When I click on "license this software", I get the error "Internet connection required for subscriptions". The option "enter serial number" cannot be used since I did not get any serial number for my subscription.


      The proxy is configured in Windows. All applications successfully access the Internet through this proxy (IE, Firefox, Windows Update, etc.)


      The weird point is that the same computer was able to activate the trial license which, I suppose, involves accessing the Internet. But now it no longer works to turn the trial into a valid subscription.

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          According to the Adobe support (using chat), there is apparently no solution. I was told that activation servers are not supposed to work behind a proxy. I received a standard e-mail on proxy options but the configuration was already correct: ports 80 and 443 open to all Adobe URL's. But it does not work and the support says it cannot do anything.


          I tried to track the connection using Wireshark. The connection with the proxy works as expected. Then the connection between Presenter and the server switches to SSL/TLS and it is not possible to analyze the dialog.


          So, it should be known that you can use a software for free on a given machine but it stops working when you starts paying for it, at least using the monthly subscription option info. Interesting business model...