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    Content flickers when moving over a button in Adobe Edge Animate


      Hi all!


      I am new to Adobe Edge Animate (thus far I love it).


      What I'm trying to accomplish as well as my problems, are the following (my approach might not be the best one, I would appreciate guidance):


      I have a symbol on my stage that contains 4 buttons (these buttons are also symbols). I grouped them in a symbol for the sake of an animation I apply on them, as my website starts to run. I also have a content symbol on my stage that consists of text. As you click on a certain button, I want the content on my stage to appear via an animation. I used the following code in the click action of the button, to get back to my stage and communicate with the content:




      Everything works nicely. The animations run and communication is established. The only problem I have is this "flickering" problem. As soon as my cursor moves over any one of the buttons, my content on the stage seems to brighten/thicken for a split second and then it returns to normal again.


      Its quite noticeable and unpleasant.


      Any help with regards to this would be appreciated!


      Kind Regards


      Lindy Brits