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    pb running "Catalog Producer"

    jmlg12 Level 1

      I'm trying to set up the Demo of "Catalog Producer" in AEM 6.1 which use Indesign CC Server 2014


      I have a running instance of AEM 6.1

      I have a running instance of InDesign CC Server 2014


      When I create a new catalog page in AEM I get some feedback from IDS but the page generation failed.


      06/10/15 12:54:32 INFO  [javascript] Ex├®cution du script

      06/10/15 12:54:32 INFO  [script] Started IDSPrint Script - Export generation....

      06/10/15 12:54:32 INFO  [script] Fetching resource from CQ: /content/dam/catalogs/templates/Geometrixx Shoes.indd

      06/10/15 12:55:13 ERREUR        [serveur] JavaScript Erreur !


      Num├®ro de l'erreur : 54

      Chaîne de l'erreur : Uncaught JavaScript exception: open


      Moteur : main

      Ligne : 565

      Source :     cleanup(exportFolder);


      Does it make sens form anybody ?

      How/what can I check to find where is the issue ?


      Many thanks