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    I have LR 5 perpetual license and want to download LR 6 perpetual license trial

    NaturalEnquirer Level 1

      For the record, I really really dislike this new marketing. I want to own my software, not rent it. Used to be able to download a trial by clicking on a link and done. Try it, then buy it or trash it.

      I have LR 5.7 perpetual license. I want to download trial of LR 6 to make sure it works the way I want before purchasing a perpetual upgrade license. Now I've spent an hour just trying to find the correct link to download a trial of LR 6. At least I think I have the correct link...https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/lightroom

      Now it wants me to install the Creative Cloud setup. Does that mean I'd be subscribed to the Creative Cloud before I can even install LR 6? If so, will that mess up my existing LR 5.7 license?


      If I decide I don't want to buy 6.0, can I cancel the Cloud subscription without paying anything? Can I uninstall the Creative Cloud setup files if I do buy the perpetual license?