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      I want to adjust settings for a transition -- like make a "wipe" have a soft edge, instead of a hard one.


      1) Supposedly I can right slick the effect in the time line and bring up adjustments, but all I get is length of the effect.

      2) I'd also like to "smooth" out an effect, like a zoom (I think it's called "easing in/out") but can't find where to adjust this.





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          What version Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system?


          Once you apply a video transition, the effect will be determined by the choice of video transition and how you adjust the transition...the options for adjustments  that I see include



          start/end points


          Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Applying transitions to clips

          Often trimmed video clips are needed in order for the transition to work in transitioning between those video clips....just take a few frames off the adjacent edges.


          If you keyframe a property such as Opacity, Volume, Scale, one of the applied effects, you can right click the keyframe and fine tune how keyframes relate to one another as set across the clip.....Scale keyframes in the screenshot.


          The choices here relate to keyframe extrapolation methods. These methods are also available by right clicking the keyframe at the Timeline rubberband level.


          Typically the Ease In and Ease Out are presets.


          Please review and consider. Any questions or need clarification, we can go into more detail as needed.


          Thank you.



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            tthanks--helpful as  always. Got the ease in/out to work --right clicking on the key frame.


            But I can't adjust a transition....such as a wipe. Supposedly you can set it to "feather" for a soft edge but I don't get that option. Instr say to right-click the transition, but I only get duration and placement options.


            Using elements 13 on pc--win 7.



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              Thanks for the follow up.


              I have not found any of the Wipe video transitions that include an edge softness in its adjustment, even under the More custom. There is a softness option under Gradient Wipe but I do not see it softening the edges that you seem to want to target.


              It looks like the Premiere Pro people have a Linear Wipe video transition that presents with soft edges.

              gimme a soft wipe...never hard



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                Thanks again...


                I found this in the Elements Reference guide online here: https://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere-elements_reference.pdf

                It's on page 102:



                Adjusting transitions

                All transitions have properties that you can adjust in the Transitions contextual control. Common properties are the

                location of the center point, the start and end values, the border, and the anti-aliasing quality setting. (For some

                transitions, you can also change the orientation.) The following list describes the most common controls and options

                you can use to adjust transition properties.

                To open the Transitions contextual control, double-click the a transition in the Quick view timeline or the Expert view



                Sets the duration of the transition. The default duration is one second.


                Controls how the transition is aligned between clips. By default, transitions are centered between clips.

                Start/End Points

                Set the percentage of the transition that is complete at the start and end of the transition.

                Show Actual Sources

                Displays the starting and ending frames of the clips.


                Plays the transition backward. For example, the Clock Wipe transition plays counterclockwise.

                Anti-Aliasing Quality

                Adjusts the smoothness of the transition’s edges.


                Changes settings specific to the transition. Most transitions don’t have custom settings.



                I don't seem to have any of these options on my transitions (and it seems like Premiere Elements 6 -- which I used to use -- had more. Again, the only options I get are: duration and placement of transition -- even when I click MORE. It says above to double-click then transition, but maybe there's another way to bring this up.


                I may have read about the "softness" or "feathered" option regarding Pro -- and mistook it for Elements.





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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  In 13/13.1 as well as 4, the same situation exists as is described in your excerpt in post 4.


                  For example...

                  Premiere Elements 13/13.1 - Expert workspace - Transitions - Wipe - Wipe

                  Before hitting More


                  After hitting More



                  Premiere Elements 4 Timeline workspace Edit Header - Transitions - Video Transitions - Wipe - Wipe


                  Top of Transition Adjustment Area

                  4 top.JPG

                  Bottom of Transition Adjustment Area

                  4 bottom.JPG

                  Looks like the same transition adjustment options in 13 and 4.


                  So far in my search, the only place that I have found for a wipe transition with a feather option is in Premiere Pro.


                  Please consider.






                  Add On...there was no Premiere Elements 6....It is Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4.

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                    Thanks for your note...


                    I made a mistake in my earlier message -- had Photoshop Elements 6... not Premiere Elements 6 (I've now switched to Photoshop CS for still work). I had been using Premiere Elements 10 before upgrading to 13.1. But strangely, when I add a wipe in 13, I get this after hitting MORE, instead of the one you provided:



                    There's no option for Border width, color, anti-aliasing, etc.


                    But I DO get this with 10:


                    I like many of the features of 13... and it seems faster and slicker. I think you're right about the "feathering" only being available in Pro... but this lack of options in a simple wipe is a serious limitation for me. Maybe there's a problem with my version?? I am using PC -- could there be a difference with Mac??


                    Also... if I try to open my PE 13 project file in 10 -- it says "the file must be corrupt," etc.


                    Thanks again!



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                      Everything there is normal and you do have border width and colors et al.


                      In the Transition Adjustments, you are not scrolling down far enough....look to the right and the scroll at the top of the vertical bar. Drag that bar down, I am 99.9999999% certain, you will see those options.


                      Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Expert Workspace Transitions Tab Wipe/Wipe video transition....after More hit.



                      After you do that, you should see the options as per my screenshot in post numbered 5.


                      If you have created a project in Premiere Elements 10 and later opened/edited it in Premiere Elements 13, you cannot go back and edit that later version edited project in the earlier program. If you do this, you really should use a safety net...that is...work from a copy of the Premiere Elements 10 project, so that you still have the working original.


                      Please check out the above and then let me know if you are OK with the details.





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                        DUH!  Yes -- it's there. Thanks. Now I really feel dumb -- and I've been using PE for years...


                        (I don't like this layout as well as 10... where the adjustments were larger and more obvious -- but I should have seen that!!)


                        On my other question... I started the project in 13, then am trying to open it in 10. I thought files were "downward compatible" -- i.e. a newer file could be opened in an older program. I get: "this file cannot be opened -- it's appears to be corrupt." Perhaps it is...



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                          The major thought is that you found those Wipe video transition options.


                          It is the classic case where Premiere Elements projects are not backward compatible. Has been that way since way back when to present.


                          I am not sure what Adobe does to the file when you try to open a later version project in an older one. But, the message is the same, and it includes the generic word corrupt. I suspect that corrupt applies to the file in the older project since

                          a. your create a project in 10, save close it.

                          b. you right click the 10 project file, select Open With 9, and you get the corrupt message.

                          c. you go back to the same saved closed 10 project file, right click it, and select Open With 10, it opens fine.


                          When you put more variable into this story, the worse it gets.


                          In experimenting, I applied Channel Mixer effect in the Premiere Elements 10 project, opened the saved closed 10 project in 13, and found that the Channel Mixer effect gone from the clip to which I had applied it in 10.


                          But, best think back ups when experimenting with opening of project in versions other than the one in which it was created.


                          Best wishes