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    Make Yearbook Pages sorted by class


      I use DataMerge for about 3 years by now. But until today I'm not using any scripts to do my job.

      All the thirdparties plugins are too expensive and now I want to make some things by myself.

      Of Course if I can get some help with pros like you guys, will be more easy.



      My true problem is to make yearbook pages. Today I make like this.

      With DataMerge I create all pages with the data of the class. like

      eg: High Schooll 2nd Grade - Noon Period ,

      High Schooll 3nd Grade - Noon Period

      High Schooll 4nd Grade - Noon Period

      .. ...and so on.

      Them one class by the time I populate the pictures of the students...With Captions


      And I getting to work with the script inlineMerge , but that script populate all the data in one textBox.

      I have to manually separate the classes.


      My data is allways in .txt. 

      Is possible to sort by class with only turnign the data in XMl?

      I really need a script ? If I did , can you help ?

      I"m learning the basics of scripts, but I dont known where to start.