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    Can't get LR CC deinstalled, LR6 keeps thinking it's LRCC although I have a serial number


      I'm a CC member for Photoshop, and had LR5, purchased version.


      Upon upgrading from LR5.7 to LR6 I by mistake installed LR CC (I thought it would be easy to deinstall once I'd made up my mind whether to buy LR6 or not).


      Then I purchased the full version (as an update to purchased LR5), deinstalled LR CC and installed LR 6. After that, LR6 kept showing LR 6 CC as its program name in the LR window, and after some time I got requested to purchase the software or close it (i.e. it really did not run anymore).


      I do have a serial number for LR6, and I had installed from the installer downloaded after purchasing the local version of LR6 (not CC). And as far as I remember, I did enter the serial number when I installed LR6 the first time around.


      I just deinstalled it again and reinstalled, and this time I didn't even get asked for the serial number, and the program window shows LRCC again, no mention of LR6 at all anymore.


      Does anyone know how I can get rid of the remnants of LRCC and can do a clean install of LR6? I've tried the Adobe support chat, but keep getting sent around in circles without getting to talk to anyone, the system has changed a lot since I last asked a question. And I have updated to LR 6.01.


      Thanks for all suggestions in advance!