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      alguien sabe como quitar el ElementsAutoAnalyzer estoy utilizando la version 13 tanto de photoshop como de premiere

      elElementsAutoAnalyzer pone al cpu al 100% y practicamente no me deja hacer nada


      alguin sabe como solucionarlo


      ah se me olvidava  me sale un error de no hay disco en la unidad inserte de nuevo la unidad E: tanto al arrancar como al finalizar el adobe premiere


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running on? And, have you updated 13 to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Updates? If not, please do that.


          The No Disc error has nothing to do with the Elements AutoAnalzyer.


          No Disc error is a known issue in Premiere Elements 13/13.1. The Adobe solution is to delete or disable the OldFilm.AEX file. Assuming Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit, the path to that file is

          Local Disk C

          Program Files

          Adobe Premiere Elements 13




          and, in the NewBlue Folder, is the OldFilm.AEX file that you delete or disable by renaming it to OldFilm.AEXOLD.


          You can disable AutoAnalzyer options in the Elements Organizer workspace

          In Elements Organizer workspace - Edit Menu/Preference/Media Analysis and the options under that category.


          Please read the whole article written by Barbara Brundage

          The Elements 12 Auto Analyzer–Adobe’s Evil Undead | Barbara's Sort-of-Tech Blog


          Please review and consider.


          Thank you.



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            oscarb38257277 Level 1

            oK thanks
            no longer start the elementsautonalyce thanks
            the problem is that I get a screen, only in the premiere both on startup and when you close the program. according to the program 's all right
            the operating system is Windows 8.1 64- bit pro with all the updates a day



            hank you very much againpremiere.jpg

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thank you for the reply.


              Are you still getting the No Disc error message even after you deleted or disabled the OldFilm.AEX file as described in post 1 of your thread?


              If so, we will work on that some more. For essentially all the users who reported the No Disk problem, the answer has been the deletion and disabling of that OldFilm.AEX so it should have worked for you.


              Best wishes with your projects.