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    Can I create dropdowns in InDesign that will be active in Interactive PDF? I want "windowshade" dropdowns that open and stay open for the user to click one of the options.


      I want to create a drop down where, if you click on the top level, a "windowshade" list of options opens and stays open. Then the user could click on one of those to link to a different page in the doc. But I would ideally like it if the user could "roll up" the windowshade.

      Can this be created in InDesign 2014? If so, will it export properly to PDF?  I will be glad to explain this more thoroughly if you think you know but have a question. I have managed to create the effect in (you should pardon the expression) PowerPoint. But I would like to get it into pdf so that when delivered to the client they won't be able to change it.


      Thanks very much.