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    Formatting cross references of numbered paragraphs

    Mauricio Bonifacino

      Ok this is the thing. I am preparing captions for figures and I want the captions to be automatically numbered so I am using the numbered paragraphs option. I also instructed Indesign to put before the number the word "Figure" for each caption.

      Now, when somewhere in the text I want to enter a cross-reference for a given caption.. Instead of the whole "Figure X" which I get if I choose Figure # in the format for the cross reference,  I would like to use "Fig. X" instead... Just to be clear, I would

      like to shorten the word I used when formatting the way ID numbers my paragraphs.

      what would be the easiest way to accomplish this?

      A mock up of what i want to do appears in next figure:

      Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.23.12 PM.png

      A work around I found is the following:

      1. Set the paragraph numbering style to display only the number

      2. Format my cross reference to show "Fig. " followed by the paragraph number

      3. Insert all my cross-references

      4. Change the paragraph numbering style to display "Figure " before the number

      The problem this work around posses is that I can't update the cross references anymore as instead of "Fig. x" I'll get "Fig. Figure x".

      So,  should I need to add a last minute figure, I'd need to go through all the previous steps... but adding an extra step between  3 and 4... which will be a click into UPDATE cross references.

      Hope this helps people out. But again, I would rather have a more streamlined mechanism to solve this issue.