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    AXIS error using _setProperty()

    Reed Powell Level 3

      I'm moving an old app from CF8 to CF10 (Standard, 10,0,16,293499).  Pretty smooth transition except for one specific page that calls a webservice on our .NET webserver.  The CF8 app runs fine, here is the code snippet:


      WSoptions = {};
      WSoptions["username"] = "xxx";
      WSoptions["password"] = "xxx";

      ws = CreateObject("webservice", "http://hqimpetl01/searchAPI/toExcel.asmx?WSDL", WSoptions);


      blah blah blah blah



      The reason for setting the timeout is that some calls to the webservice can result in manipulating a lot of data.


      When I run it on CF10, I get this error:

      Web service operation _setProperty with parameters {axis.connection.timeout,30000} cannot be found.

      If I comment out that line, things work for the small files I test with, but sooner or later a user is going to give it something that needs time to run.

      I did some Googling, but ended up over my head in Java solutions.  Has anyone encountered this, and come up with a solution that can be implemented in CF?