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    Get a refund for the £101 cancellation fee of a subscription that automatically renewed without my permission?

    aton striker

      I got adobe creative cloud for 12 months. I later wished to cancel it before it ran out, around February of this year, but i could t find out how i do it. It was only until recently that i realized you needed to contact somebody and get someone else to cancel it, as if i cant click a cancel button myself.

      BUT! here is the bigger catch, THERE IS A CANCELLATION FEE! AND THE SUBSCRIPTION HAD RENEWED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Hence, i now have to pay for the 15 month fee, WHICH FLUCTUATES UP TO £21 WITHOUT TELLING ME! AND i have to pay A CANCELLATION FEE OF £101!!! this adds up to nearly £300 (465$) just for 15 months on a student plan!


      Utter disgrace and criminal! I will do all in my power to alert others of this scam before they buy it.