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    Is after effects a viable program for creating CGI ? or should i be looking elsewhere for that?

    djmattyz Level 1

      i totally love after effects by the way, it has changed my life and unlocked so many creative ideas


      i was watching the making of the matrix the other night, and i noticed that even though they build real sets for most of it, there are in fact,  some shots where they re-created the entire set in CGI so that they could simulate camera movements that would have been impossible physically.   you know those panning slow motion shots whete the character is suspended in mid air and so on..


      i had not even noticed that the background was "fake" until they said it,


      i was blown away by this idea, and i would like to try those kind of things next !!


      so, my question is, is adobe after effects the kind of program i should be using for this particular effect?  i reckon it is indeed possible to do something along those lines with AE,  but is this the industry standard for this particular kind of effect, or would you guys recommend another program which is oriented more in this direction, (adobe or not) and which i could use together  with  the excellent adobe range and help me achieve this ?


      thanks in advance.