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    Problem with Fireworks pop up menu in DW

      (I already posted this on the DW forum, but it's also about FW, so may be someone here knows about this as well.)


      I am working on a page whose layout was created in Fireworks and transferred to DW. After I transferred the page to DW and created new ones from the template, I went back to edit my page in FW. I created a couple of rollovers and pop up menus. After I made these edits, I went back to DW and everything worked fine on the template page, but my pop up menus did not transfer correctly to the other pages. They appear in weird places (bottom of the page!) and the styles pretty much disappeared as well.

      Does someone know what could be the problem and how to fix it? One of the things I noticed is that the menus' CSS file is only completely visible on the template but not on the other pages. In the template I can see all the styles applied in the file, but on the other pages only the CSS title appears, not the styles applied to the pages.

      I am using FW and DW 8.

      I need HELP!!!

      Thanks for any information you can provide.