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    How to prevent a "flash" inbetween videos

      I have a series of 33 external swf movies that load into a parent swf sequentially based on where you are in the timeline.

      I created 33 keyframes and inserted the command: placeholder_mc.loadMovie("moviename_number.swf"); in each key frame. This allowed me to easily create navigation to move back or forward by 'chapter'. in the last frame of each external movie I tell the parent swf to move ahead one frame which then calls the next external movie in the sequence to load ( _parent.gotoAndStop("scene3");).

      The problem I'm having is that when the swf advances to the next frame, there is a brief flash (of the parent swf background) before the next movie loads.

      Any suggestions on how to prevent this? It's very annoying when 2 chapters need to end and start seamlessly.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      P.S. I'm also trying to load one of the external movies at a specific frame, which seems like an easy task, but I'm just not finding it. ;}