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    Issues with Behance Personal Profile/Work Experience Section?


      Have run into some serious issues today with my personal profile on Behance. In attempting to make edits to my "work experience" (which I've done numerous times since originally posting information nearly a year ago) I noticed things were not right.


      I needed to add a custom section to my experience. Added text and saved - all good. A few minutes later, after adding additional text I attempted to save again and all I got was a spinning wheel at the bottom of the page. Went on for some time. Never completed save.


      Closed browser and cleared cache. This didn't seem to change the issue. Upon logging back in still could not save. Spinning wheel again. Tried different browser - no different (running latest versions of Chrome and Safari). Restarted computer - no change. Logged out of and back into Adobe CC - no change.


      Then I started to get this prompt every time I tried to save to work experience page. Clicking on "Stay on the Page" resulted in spinning wheel.

      Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.46.27 PM.png


      And then the edit page, without any input or action on my part logged me out of Behance and I ended up here:

      Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.34.38 PM.png


      No warning to save. No warning to stay on page (which you would typically see). Nothing at all. And then it got worse. Upon logging back into my account it would appear that my entire work history had been reset. In other words my employment information, education, personal statement, yadda, yadda, yadda had been erased. Basically my profile (work experience) had been reset.


      How or what took place I haven't a clue. Attempts to reenter the information have failed. It still will not allow any changes to be saved. Posted a request for help on the Bechance HelpCenter with no reply.




      OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

      Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit)

      Safari Version 8.0.6 (10600.6.3)

      Adobe CC

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Sorry to hear that - and appreciate all the detailed info! As this seems like a potential browser issue, the best way to diagnose the problem would be to talk one-on-one with one of our support agents. If you get in touch at http://on.be.net/GetHelp, someone will get back to you shortly and can give you individualized help.



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            ecycled Level 1

            Thanks for the reply yet with all due respect it is not a browser issue. And honestly it is a bit presumptive on your part to even suggest that it was/is (still can't edit my profile's work experience). And I've already posted a "request" detailing what I detailed above.


            All browsers show the same response - Firefox, Chrome and Safari, all of which are current versions and have worked perfectly within the Behance site until now. Furthermore are you suggesting that a browser issue caused all of my work experience information to suddenly disappear? My profile has been established for some time with no issues until yesterday.



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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Edward - sorry to hear you're frustrated. I took a look and it seems  you have a ticket open with one of our agents and that he's due to respond to you, which will happen this morning. The issues you're experiencing are likely due to our brand new Work Experience section - forgive us as we work out some kinks with the new feature.


              Please respond in the ticket you have open with Ashton. Thanks!