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    Help required Indesign linking/placing from MS word


      I use CS6 and write technical documents/instructions.

      I have subject matter experts write master word documents & it is parts of these master documents which I need to place into the InDesign document.

      How can I link/place one paragraph from these word documents & keep that link active so that if the master document changes it is noticed in InDesign for updating?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          There is a preference item to allow linking of placed text and spreadsheet files. It's off by default, but can be turned on at any time, even just before placing the Word file if you want only that one file to link, then turned off again. Note that linked word files will appear in the Links panel like other linked files, and will require updating in the same way as linked images, and that any changes, including formatting, that you make to the linked text in InDesign will be lost when the link is updated.


          This feature works only with placed content, not pasted.