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    Transformation Special Effects, Giant, Shrink, Animal Transformations, etc. (NSFW)


      - My post has been approved twice and then deleted even after others replies were approved for posting as well - I have removed the nudity from the post, what else is wrong with my post, please tell me so I can fix it. Thank you!



      HI, I am new to AE but I edit videos and I am trying to learn how to do some things. So far I have mostly been doing green screen stuff and making little people, videos 8-10mins. My first and primary concern is learning how to put video image over the green screen, ie model picks up tiny person and you  see her finger rather than just a tiny person over her fingers. Second is how do I make it look like a tiny person is being crushed(w/ blood) and cut in half(nothing too gorey just basics no need to look like a seamless movie its just a clip.) Third is how do they do the transformation stuff, the animal transformations are awesome!

      Besides being a noob my only issue is I can't preview my work very well in AE but it IS amazing! Any tips you have are appreciated, thank you! I'm happy to learn!!



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