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    Problems importing into Lightroom 4


      I have seen lots of people reporting issues into LR 5 and 6, but not found any solutions as the community ask for screenshots that do not arrive.


      I have been using Lightroom 4.4 with Camera Raw 7.4 (MAC OS X Yosemite 10.10.2). There are no further updates for these, but I have downloaded DNG Converter 9.


      I successfully imported from my old Canon EOS 1000D and then immediately attempted to import from my new Canon EOS 750D - that's when the import  failed!


      No settings or permissions were changed in the moments it took me to put the USB cable from one camera to the other. Here is my step by step process:


      Importing direct from camera:


      Importing to my Lightroom Photos folder


      Confirmation that I have read/write permissions


      LR is set up to copy as DNG. Photos are seen by the computer within LR and are checked to be converted...


      I hit 'Import' and the process begins



      But at the end of it, all 180 photos fail




      Sorry for the length, but I hope I have included all information you would need. What can I do?