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    CF11 stuck in while connecting to Oracle


      Hi all,

      we have some problems with CF11. I'll try to explain:

      our server configurations:

      - coldfusion 11 linux

      - oracle 10g

      - apache 2.4.6

      we have coldfusion enterprice (1 cluster, 1 instance) with 8gb ram dedicated.


      we have this problem:

      It works very well but sometimes we notice a sudden increase of incoming requests (about 1000/2000) and we saw the server unresponsive.

      this situation lasts about 10 minutes.

      we receives many CF timeout error like this:

      The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFQUERY The specific sequence of files included or processed is: /webdat/vol1/htdocs/IGP_WEB/chan

      nels/condor14/404.cfm, line: 28


      and CF sends to Oracle a connection exactly every 5 seconds.


      (HOST=  establish  IGP * 0

      10-JUN-2015 14:45:01  (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=IGP)(CID=(PROGRAM=)(HOST=__jdbc__)(USER=cfusion)))  (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)

      (HOST=  establish  IGP * 0

      10-JUN-2015 14:45:06  (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=IGP)(CID=(PROGRAM=)(HOST=__jdbc__)(USER=cfusion)))  (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)

      (HOST=  establish  IGP * 0

      10-JUN-2015 14:45:11  (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=IGP)(CID=(PROGRAM=)(HOST=__jdbc__)(USER=cfusion)))  (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)

      (HOST=  establish  IGP * 0

      10-JUN-2015 14:45:16  (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=IGP)(CID=(PROGRAM=)(HOST=__jdbc__)(USER=cfusion)))  (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)

      ...and so on...


      Connsections keep adding up until they reach the maximum configured in CFAdmin.


      Even after reaching the maximum number of connections, CF still try to open a new connection every 5 seconds.

      After each connection we notice no traffic between CF and Oracle.

      After the 10 minutes or so CF turns back in a normal situation and this scene happens about every hour.

      When this problem happens I tried to turn off Apache but CF continues to maintain active requests.

      Oracle works normally all the time. We test it using other application and it is always responsive.


      the http traffic is normal...


      Could you help me to understand ?

      Did you ever face a situation like this ?

      What you suggest to check ?


      thanks in advance

      best regards