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    API Key option missing


      Hi - we are trying to integrate a website using the Soap API.


      We need to be able to have our users request esign document be sent to them for signing. (Account/Credit Applications)


      We have read the implementation guidelines and downloaded the sample PHP integration code. However... the sample integrations ALL seem to require an API KEY.


      There is no option for generating this API KEY in our user account. It seems to be missing for some unknown reason.


      We've searched your community articles and found a couple of users with similar problems:

      API Key? Integration Key?

      Invalid API Key Error in Ecosign API


      However the responses by your technical staff provided no clear answers to the problem. The common thread seems to be to look for an integration key - however we have no option for that either!


      Please can you fix it for us and perhaps fix the signup as a developer process so new applicants aren't left scouring the net thinking they missed something (Unless we just have missed something!)


      Hope you can help

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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          One can use Oauth and the resulting access code instead of an api key.

          To get the integration key option though (which is a fixed access code if you like) contact support.


          To contact support login (ideally as the admin of the esign account)  your account, click the question mark

          click the get satrted link under contact support

          then select one of the 4 options to contact support.