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    Print templates refuse to display properly when changing orientation - prints come out with no colours if I close and reopen LR


      I have two main templates I use, been using them for months with no problem on a mac, just got a PC and installed Lightroom CC but it has decided that it wants to be silly. This happens only when I move from a portrait orientated template to a landscape orientated one or vice versa. Sometimes I can fix it by swapping between lots of different templates over and over and all of a sudden it finds itself again and I'm good to go. I *could* close and reopen Lightroom but this mucks up the printing, the template goes back to normal but the next couple of prints will be missing a colour totally. Its a big waste of ink when a set of my inks cost $500. I'm on a PC and have the latest LR version installed. I have attached screencaps. Would LOVE some help on this issue.both.jpg