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    How to reduce 'Building edges from DisplayObject' for OUYA

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      I'm currently developing an Adobe Air game for the Android OUYA Console with Adobe Flash Professional CC. I'm only using bitmaps / sprite-sheets, because vector graphics are a no go for this fast paced top down shooter action game.


      I need a stable frame rate of 60 FPS for the game on the OUYA Console. When running Adobe Scout, the heaviest 'activity' is 'Building edges from DisplayObject' (average of 150 times per frame). I've already read this page (Understanding Flash Player with Adobe Scout | Adobe Developer Connection) a lot. I understand what 'Building edges from DisplayObject' does, but don't really know a way to reduce it. I can't reduce the amount of DisplayObjects if that is the only option.


      I've attached a screenshot of the game and scout profiling to get a better view:


      Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 13.42.44.png


      How the game is technically working right now with the bitmap graphics:


      * Bitmaps only, no vector graphics.

      * Using cached sprite-sheets and bitmaps.

      * Using a lot of .png graphics with an alpha channel.

      * The objects on the stage are moving every frame.

      * Stage quality is set on LOW.

      * OUYA resolution is 1920 x 1080 (don't know a way to change that via Air).


      I hope someone could help me out with the sluggish performance. I've been working on scout profiling/analyzing to get a smoothing running version for 4 months right now, and still don't got a smooth frame rate. If you see something else than the 'Building edges from DisplayObject' activity which doesn't look normal, then I would really appreciate a message about that too !