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    Script doesn't work anymore on 64 bits, but work on 32 bits.




      This code, just below, is just a part of a bigger script to bind some .pxi into a final psd file.

      It work great on PS 32 bits, but not on 64 bits.


      I got a error 8000, "unable to open the file, opening parameters are incorrect" (translation from french, it could be different from the english version of photoshop).


      Thanks for you attention and your help.








      // NOTE: Reverse the layers order
        for (var k = aScene[i].length - 1; k >= 0; k--) {
        // Get the basename (z001bl001.pxi >> z001bl001)
        var baseName = getString(aScene[i][k].name, 0);
        // Open the PXI
        var pxi = open(aScene[i][k]);
        // Copy to clipboard
        activeDocument = documents[pxi.name];
        // Make it BLUE
        if (endsWith(pxi.name, 'n.pxi')) {
        // Copy it to clipboard
        // Fill it with BLUE
        // Paste clipboard into a new layer
        var newLayer = pxi.paste();
        // Change the blend mode
        newLayer.blendMode = BlendMode.SCREEN;
        // Finally merge it down