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    After Effects Error: File is Damaged.  (33 : : 7)


      My PC kept crashing while trying to work on a project (this happens w/o having AE open so I wasn't surprised), so I disabled all of my services and reset the BIOS settings to default. Right after this I tried opening AE and got this message "After Effects Error: Adobe After Effects Prefs is not valid. The file will be renamed with ".old", and a new preferences file will be created." as well as bunch of other similar ones. All of my preferences were set to default and the project I was working on seems to be corrupt, getting the message in the title of this post and then "After Effects Warning:Unable to Read Project Color Settings." I've tried recovering the project file using a file recovery software but I get a message saying "Unable to import file (bad format or not readable). I've pretty much given up on trying to recover the project, but I'm wondering what might have cause all of this to happen.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not provided any useful info like exact system specs or version of AE, so no offense, how do you expect us to even guess?



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you been doing incremental saves? (You should start, if you haven't already - AE has a built-in Increment and Save feature).

            If you do have incremental saves, do they work?


            Is your auto-save turned on? (It should be, if it's not already.)

            If so, do the auto-saves work?


            Can you import your project into a brand new one?

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              Syth Level 1

              I only just heard about incremental saving, I'll start using it now.


              I had my auto save interval set to 20 minutes (set it down to 5 now) but I usually manually save at least every minute.


              I can import the project into a brand new, or some other project but literally none of the files work, including compositions and solids built in AE.


              Again, I'm not looking to recover the file, I've already recreated what I had. I was just wondering if anyone might know the reason why this happened and how to avoid it, aside from saving the project in increments.


              Thank you.   

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                Syth Level 1


                I figured this issue might have popped up for different people already and might have been linked to something in particular.


                I'm using AE CC v.


                PC Specs:

                CPU: Intel i7 2600

                RAM: G.skill 16gb / Kingston 8gb

                Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z77

                GPU: GTX 670

                Storage: Samsung 840 EVO SSD, 250gb; Seaegate 700gb;


                Let me know if anything is missing/needs to be added.

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                  BartonGarrett256 Level 2

                  I just got the same error.  i had been getting crashes over and over on a high end Windows system, I think my project was too big.  I also got the exceeding cache warnings, my cache is a dedicated 500 GB SSD.   I emptied cache and that helped, but the computer failed to shut down yet the screens went dark. I had to pull the power. When I restarted and tried to open the file  the 33::7 error was there.  My last auto save seems fine.  I wonder if there is a maximum file size.  I was doing a lot with native 3D, many layers and a camera. 


                  I have been bringing in images as PSD files and they are huge.  Perhaps as PNGS and not so big in pixels, I tend to bring in stills full size from a 41MB camera, , although I can't imagine how anyone will do anything in 4K without very very very powerful computers. 

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                    DickWhitman Level 1

                    Just got the same error. AE Windows 10. I was RAM previewing my 1080p comp (not a particularly heavy comp) in full screen when my PC went bluescreen.


                    My project file is 12MB, so not sure if the filesize of the project matters.


                    So far importing the damaged AE project file into an empty project and purging all memory & disk cache seems to get me back in business.

                    Except for all my AE settings which I'll have to recreate manually.

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                      karndevs30280301 Level 1

                      My advertisement project is gone AE giving me the same error
                      I have

                      Intel Xeon e3

                      16 gb ram
                      128 gb ssd + 1tb hdd

                      Nvidia geforce 960

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                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Can you import that project into a brand new project?

                        Do any of your autosaves open?

                        Have you been doing incremental saves? If so, do any of them open?