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    Invisible Layers applying text wrap to visible layers


      I am working on an 8 page newsletter for a client. There will be 5 versions of the newsletter with pages 3-6 being common throughout the 5 editions and pages 1-2 & 7-8 being unique to each version. I am using one InDesign document with 6 layers, 1 background layer (#1) for common layouts/stories and a separate layer for each individual version(#2 - #6). When laying out the stories for page 7 (a unique page) my invisible layers are affecting the layout on the visible layers. I have a story on layer #2 all laid out, so when I move to layer #3 I turn off #2 and turn on #3 which should give me a blank page to work with. The page appears blank but when I go to add my pictures and text, the information on layer #3 is being displaced by what looks like a text wrap from layer #2. Why is this invisible layer affecting the layout on a visible layer? How can I correct this so I don't have to go back and rebuild 5 versions individually? Thanks!