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    Any way to stop AE from showing wireframes when scrubbing even when on "Final Quality"?


      Been using AE for years, but this is only starting to bug me now - has something changed, or am I just creating overly complex comps?


      I spend a lot of time working in Final Quality (no adaptive resolution / fast preview etc), but scrubbing is next to impossible as I end up spending most of my time looking at blank grey wireframes. AE sometimes needs a while to generate the new frame I've scrubbed to, but why does it have to clear the old one off the screen leaving me looking at nothing?


      From the manual:

      "If adjusting a property or scrubbing through the Timeline takes a long time in Off, Adaptive Resolution, or Draft modes, the scene will temporarily switch to show wireframes. The frame will finish rendering when you stop moving the mouse."


      Is this new or am I going nuts?


      (I can understand the fall-back-to-wireframe thing when moving layers around or when dealing with a scene with 3D elements in it, as the wireframes allow you to keep your bearings even if the render can't keep up, but I'm currently doing lots of compositing, and it would be so much more useful to just hold the last good frame on scene while the next one's rendered.)


      Mebbe I am going nuts. Or my machine's running slow. Hmmm.