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    LR Catalog Previews.Irdata Question

    Tahosa640 Level 1

      I have two files in a folder called "Lightroom".  They are  "Lightroom 5 Catalog Previews.Irdata" and a second file "Lightroom Catalog Previews.Irdata".  I assume this is where LR stores my previews, but why do I have two files?  I am trying to free space on a solid state HD.  Thanks.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          There should also be a file whose name ends with .LRCAT in that folder called Lightroom. Whatever the name is of the .LRCAT file needs to match the name of the Previews.LRDATA folder. The other Previews.LRDATA (whose name doesn't match the .LRCAT file) can be deleted.

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            Tahosa640 Level 1

            Thanks  There are two LCRAT files, one that matches the Lightroom Catalog Previews.Irdata and a second that matches the Lightroom 5 Catalog Previews.Irdata.  How do I determine which catalog is being used by my active LR program?  Seems like I have loaded multiple copes of LT perhaps?


            Much appreciate your help.

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              dj_paige Level 9

              If you open Lightroom, you will see what catalog is being used. The catalog name is at the top of the Lightroom window.


              If you open the 2nd catalog, you can see if it is an old catalog no longer needed. (Or perhaps they are both needed ... )

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                Tahosa640 Level 1

                Thanks. I opened them up and I am using the LR 5 catalog.  The other catalog was made in 2013 so I will do a little research. I tried to open it but told me "it was too new to open."   I think it is an issue of starting with LR 3 and progressing to LR 5.7.1 64 bit, and along the way, creating more than one catalog.  I have not loaded LR CC yet nor upgrade to LR 6.  In the end, with my multiple external HDs, may dump the LR catalog, reorganize the pictures on the HDs, and then re-import into LR.  Classic example of not getting organized in the first place and paying the price now.


                Much appreciate your help.  Thanks

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  Your description has some RED FLAGS, and I come to a very different conclusion than you do.


                  "Too new to open" means you have (accidentally) opened an earlier version of Lightroom (perhaps Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 3), and if you actually were to open Lightroom 5.7.1, you would be able to open this particular catalog and see what was in it.


                  So, I'm not sure you have analyzed the situation properly, and I would certainly make sure you can open and view the contents of each catalog before proceeding.

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                    Tahosa640 Level 1

                    Ok ...  will do.  The version running is 5.7.1  64 bit.  The properties of the LR catalog indicated it was made in 2013.  The properties in LR 5 catalog indicate it was made in 2015(April) and this is the catalog that is being used currently.  Somehow, I made a new catalog in 2015 and that is what is opening.  I cannot seem to get LR to open the other catalog or 'see' it when I use the file open catalog options so I do not know exactly what is actually in this 16GB catalog.  I'll keep trying to open it.

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                      Tahosa640 Level 1

                      The C drive Program Files Adobe folder does have a two versions of LR:   a folder called Adobe Lightroom (loaded 4/27/2015) and a folder called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.1 that was loaded on 12/19/2014.  So, you were exactly correct in that more than one version is loaded.  I just need to launch the "Adobe Lightroom" version and it should use the catalog I am not able to open.  Not sure how I double loaded the program. 


                      Thanks much. 

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                        Tahosa640 Level 1

                        OK ... both LR 5.7.1 is loaded as a standalone program, and LR CC was also loaded as a program from the cloud in April.  I must have been updating LR (the 5.7.1 version) using an update feature in the program, but did a clean install of LR CC and ended up with two icons that look the same but started different programs and hence used different catalogs.  As I use dual monitors, I had one version on one screen and the other on the another.   I wonder if 5.7.1 will update to 6, and what will be the interface between LR6 and LR CC.  Wonder is LR 6 cab be bought as a standalone or they are going to the cloud with LR as they did with all others?  Thanks again.